How to receive services:
The purpose of the initial assessment is to determine the individuals needs, the severity of those needs, and the service that ​would ​best meet those needs. ​​The assessment process involves meeting ​with ​a mental health professional between ​1-2 hours.

Outpatient Counseling Services for Adults/Children:
Our agency provides outpatient services at our office, in client's homes, in approved school locations, and throughout Tulsa and surrounding areas. The philosophy of our outpatient services is to provide effective treatment that will allow recovery from behavioral health and substance abuse ​issues in the least restrictive and most convenient environment possible. The goal of outpatient counseling is to promote emotional or psychological change to alleviate behavioral health ​and/or ​​substance abuse problems in an effective manner.
Individual & Group Counseling:Face-to-face interaction between a mental health professional and consumer ​with the goal to promote emotional or psychological change to alleviate problems.

Family Counseling: ​Face-to-face interaction between a mental health professional and family with ​the goal to facilitate emotional, psychological or behavioral changes and promote ​successful communication and understanding.

Rehabilitation Services:​ Face-to-face interaction performed by a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist ​to assist consumers who are experiencing significant functional impairment due to ​behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues with the goal to educate and increase ​the skills necessary to perform activities of daily living in the community.

Case Management:
North Tulsa Counseling offers Case Management services to adults, children and families who require planned linkage, advocacy, ​and referral assistance to outside agencies and services. Case Management is utilized to facilitate integration and recovery ​in ​the community. Case Managers utilize a strength based model in the provision of this service. We can assist with community ​resources such as food banks, clothes closets, utility services, medical services, and seasonal support i.e., summer camps, back ​to school, Christmas, and other holidays.

North Tulsa Counseling Services provides Clinical Supervision at different times during one’s educational level. Our agency broadly defines this process as a ​working alliance between a supervisor and supervisee, where the primary intention of the interaction is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the supervisee. Other components include administrative education, licensure management, professional development, performance appraisal, mentoring, clinical education, as well as training and participation in areas such as clinical writing, treatment team meetings and boundary consultation. 



North Tulsa Counseling ​is a community outpatient mental health provider ​that strives ​​​​to ​deliver quality, ​​cost-effective care.

​Our agencies goal is to ensure access to appropriate care for all Oklahomans ​​with an ​​on-going focus on increasing ​​​the effectiveness ​of services that focus on issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, ​body image issues, creative blocks, school difficulties ​& other areas.
​​We collaborate with other community agencies to help connect ​our clients ​to resources ​beyond the scope of the services ​offered ​by our agency.

In difficult times, everyone needs ​the help ​and support ​of the people ​around them. ​​​​​We offer high quality professional counseling support to individuals and families, ​​meeting them ​at ​their point of need.

​​Treatment services are gender sensitive, ​age appropriate ​​​and ​​​culturally ​competent ​​for all clients.
Our ​Services
We provide counseling services
​​for children, adults, ​​youth
​​and ​families in the community.
For more information email or call our office to speak with a mental health professional
​at 918-794-0197.​​​​